Puppets | Holiday Fun

It was supper hot today.  Kids were both up by 5 am, so we had an early start.  We made puppets this morning, went food shopping for the week, walked around in town, ran around in the rain, made salt dough hand print ornaments and watched a movie when it got to hot for the adult between us.  The days are long, you guys, and we are only at day 3 of the school holidays.  🙂


Ballet Concert


Her first ever ballet concert.  She was so excited.  She did really well, but when she spotted us in the audience, she stopped and waved and stopped the whole show.  Would not want it any other way.  So proud of her for being so brave.

Little Bay | South West Rocks Photographer


They love going to this little beach.  There is lots of soft sand, and also rocks.  Which is not just normal rocks, it is a castle.  Hannah’s castle. She is forever on it, singing “Let it go”  and saving the world by freezing the bad dragons and Bucky.

Bradley, of cause, is doing everything Hannah is doing, so he climb the rocks to, but with less confidence.  Lucky Hannah is a good big sister and help his over this hurdle.  She always tells him: “You are all right Bucky, I am here”  And then he trust her. 🙂

A bit of washing

8 December 2015

Teach them early how to do the washing.  Bradley thinks everything that I let him do is amazing right now.  I don’t know why he loves me so much, but he does.  He loves me more than anyone has ever loved me before.  He just cuddles me for no reason and kiss my head all the time.  Tonight he started to pinched my cheeks and then kiss me.  My little koala bear cuddle buck


Christmas party

7 December 2015


Hannah’s first christmas party and concert.  Here she is receiving her present from Santa.  She did well in the concert, but just before they started the boy in the back of her accidentally kicked her in the back, so she ran down to me and it was almost over, but lucky she got to sit with her teacher and she end up doing all the moves but did not sing 😦