Day 8 | Grand parents

The kids always love to go to grandma’s house.  There are so much to do.  Hannah came out of the house with a basket of doll clothes and started to hang them on the little clothes line.  She is very into her babies at the moment.  They were feeding the ducks, and Hannah found two duck eggs lying around.  Don’t think the poor ducks knew what they were as no one was sitting on it.  Bradley was supper excited to see the duck landing on the water.  He loves to point to things and say “this, this” and if you give it to him, he is so excited.  He loves riding on anything with wheels.  I’m always so surprised to see what he is interested in.  He is growing up with a lot of girls toys, and still he seeks out cars and robots and dinosaurs.  Hannah loves pink, and princesses so naturally most of her toys are pink.  He is growing up so fast.  And Hannah too.  And I feel choked to see them becoming so independent.  Soon they will not need me anymore.  That makes me sad.  But as Hannah say:  “Im growing up and up and up like you, mommy”

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