Wauchope | Timbertown

It was Thursday.  We were bored at home, because the weather is not to great and we have been home all week in our new town.  No friends.  No playdates.  Nothing happening as it is school holidays.  We got in the car an drove.  Past Port Macquiry till we get to a town called Wauchope.  We found this place.  Timber Town, they call it.  We went on a train, a horse carriage and a mini train.  We saw lots of animals.  The kids played hide and seek with a horse, who really just wanted to eat.  They chased ducks, who end up hiding from for their own sanity.  We saw how to make horse shoes.  Hannah was really interested in that.  Surprisingly.  Bradley walked around the whole day too.  Following us like a little puppy.  Surprisingly too, as he likes to run away so we can catch him.  They thought the bulls were pretty boring.  So did I, so we stick our heads through cardboard people instead.  Finally we had some icecream at the Wallace’s Store and then went home as the rain was nearing.  What a lovely day to see how things worked in the old days.

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