Day 4 | October 2015

How lovely is it for a South West Rocks Family Photographer to live in such an awesome spot. We love living in here. There are so many new corners and alleys to explore. We found this the blog behind us. It is so lovely and the kangaroos loves to hang out here aswel. Today is the first day of daylight savings here and it’s the first time that we ever had daylight savings too, so to celebrate, we went for a walk at sunset to find the fairies in the flowers. We actually saw one flying away into the sun, so we were lucky. (In reality it was some sort of insect that flaps its wings very fast) Thank goodness for that, as it took a bit of convincing, for Hannah to wear something other than her princess dress. I’ve told her that if she wears the dark dress with the flowers, the fairies will not see her because she will look like the garden, and then they will not hide away. Her princess dress did come with us in the pram. You know, just for incase she may change into a frog if she does not wear it for 2 minutes. Lucky that did not happen and our little princess is sound asleep in her favourite dress, dreaming of magic and cupcakes

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