Day 11 | October

This afternoon, we took our grandparents to see the kangaroos at Arakoon.  Bradley loves them, he think they like to be chased like birds.  He is absolutely not scared of them.  Not like the adults are.  They freaked out tiny little bits at a time when Bradley gets to close to them.  But really, are they going to attack a little baby?  Why don’t we trust nature more?  Humans are not foreign to them.  They were born into it.  Or so I think.

After the tiny freak outs, I thought it is better to take him down to the beach, as the birds are less likely to attack him.  Or at least he is bigger than the birds, so it is relatively safe.  Its squeaky sand, so both the kids loves running on it.

Hannah loved climbing the rocks and climbing the “mountain”, which is actually stairs, while singing “Let it go”.  She always does that when something goes remotely uphill.

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