Someone came before you

15 October 2015

Today is international Miscarriage, Stillborn and Infant death remembrance day.  Tonight at 7 pm everyone who remember one of these babies, has lit a candle for the child that came to fill their lives in so many different ways.  Tonight we lit our candle.  And we read our story.  I was surprised Hannah remembered the angel baby in this book’s name.  We last read it a year ago, and she was only just two then.  Read the story down below if you are interested.2015-10-15_0001

Someone came before you by Pat Schwiebert

There once was a mommy and a daddy who loved each other very much. They loved to ride bikes and dance and watch TV and even do chores together.  But they knew something was missing.  They knew what was missing wasn’t a cat or a dog or a bird or a hamster.  They knew it wasn’t a new car of a new TV.  They knew they wanted to share their life with someone very special…. They wanted a baby that would grow into a little person who would also love to ride bikes and dance and even do chores with them.  They were so excited when they realized this special person was on the way.

They heard their baby and felt their baby and watched their baby grow.  This was to be a ver special baby.  The mommy would sit in the rocker and sing to her baby.  “Baby. I’m waiting for you.  Praying for you.  Dreaming of you.  And when another day is through I’ll still be waiting for you.”

They loved their special baby very much. But things did not go as they had planned. Their very special baby died.

The mommy and daddy missed their special baby very much.  They cried and cried and were sad a whole lot.  The mommy sang as she sat in the rocker, “Baby, we remember you.  Think of you.  Pray for you.  And when another day is through we will still remember you.”

Nothing would make them happy.

And so their hearts grew very small.  Nothing could get in.  Nothing seemed to mtter.  They did not want to ride their bikes or dance or even do their chores.  They just wanted their baby.

Even though the special baby died, the baby kept loving the mommy and daddy and tried to make them happy again.  Their special baby was very patient and the special baby would sing “Mommy, i remember you.  Think of you.  Pray for you.  And when another day is through i still remember you.”

Finally after what seemed like much work on the special baby’s part, the mommy and daddy’s hearts were stretched big enough to let in more love.  Now there was room enough for another special baby to come into their Hearts….And that special baby is you.

We still think of that special someone who came before you.  We hang the baby’s ornament on the tree next to yours.  We have a little box that we pull out from time to time that holds memories of hat special baby.

And sometimes we light a candle for the baby and thank the baby for stretching our hearts to make room for you.

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