Coffs Harbour

Going to Coffs Harbour, was a spur of the moment thing.  Jason decided this morning he wants to go for a bike ride with his friends in Coffs, so we decided we are going to.  The kids and I went to the Clog Barn, to look at the miniature Holland houses, and they’ve enjoyed seeing the little train going in circles, and the windmills was a big hit for Bradley.  They were hungry, so we stopped at the coffee shop next door to get raison toast.  Hannah was on her best behaviour, and quietly waited for her food to arrive.  Bradley lost the plot, and went crazy, because I did not want to give my hot chocolate to him.

We then went to the Big Banana to meet Jason.  Bradley was still crazy and ran around in circles through the banana, and Hannah was still well behaved, following me around, trying to contain Bradley.

We finally met Jason, and went to Shelley’s lookout, a short distance from the Banana.  We had a beautiful view of Coffs until about 50 bikies turned up with their noisy motorbikes, so we got out of there.

The rest of the day we spent at playgrounds.  That is where a horse threw me off.  Head first.  It was only a little see-saw horse, but my neck and shoulder is a bit stiff.  It was good to see the kids ran to me, while I lie on the floor in pain, and my dear Husband just stared at me.  When I started to laugh, Hannah thought it would be nice to decorate my face with bark, and poor Bradley thought it was really traumatic and he started to cry.  He spent the next 10 minutes on my lap, trying to gently clean my face and patting my head, like a puppy.  I guess the attention from my little boy was worth the fall.  He is so special and kind.

Now we are home, and Hannah insist on a bandaid for my knee, and a hundred kisses for my neck, because it is still hurting.

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