I knew they were way to quiet.  I went for a shower, and I found the kids in the kitchen.  Hannah poured a whole bag of flour on the floor.  I suspect she wanted to “bake” more cupcakes from yesterday, but the flour fell, and her imagination took over.  When I first saw them, my heart tighten a little, and I had to breath deep, as I was not feeling well.  Instead of getting angry again, I decided to just sneak past and get my camera.  Bradley was busy sweeping everything up while Hannah was running wild.  Brad hates being in trouble.  He always tries to clean up any mess he made.  Hannah on the other hand, is a bit of a free spirit.  She is a risk taker.  She will take the fun for as long as she can.  She said, she is ice skating.  She likes it, so she make a mess.

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