Telly time

30 October 2015

Our telly room is under our house,behind the garage. You can only go there sometimes, when someone let you out. There is a baby gate at the top of the stairs, so the kids cannot go downstairs freely. That makes telly time extra special. I was contemplating not having a TV at all, when we moved to this house, but then I remembered Jason is still living here, and he does not want to stop watching his cricket and rugby. So now her has his own special room to watch that as much as I let him. It’s working well so far. After dinner, the kids are having a bath, and then we all go downstairs to watch half an hour of telly, before story time in bed. After that they are supposed to sleep, but that rarely happens. We are still working on that part of our routine. Not sure if I have the guts to document that part of the night, as I am close to burst a vein in my head every night around this time. We will see, maybe one day 🙂

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