Muddy puddles

I’ve told them that if they were good, and the rain stoped, we can go and look for a muddy puddle.  So they were not good, and the rain did not stop, but we went in anyway.  A mess outside is better than a mess inside.  I am not talking about a few toys, I am talking about Bradley’s newest game.  He loves unpacking the fridge.  Everything.  Every single thing.  But this is not the mess I’m talking about.  I am talking about him then throwing everything down the stairs.  Eggs, left over stir fry, stuff like that.  Get the picture?  And when he gets in trouble, he cries very, very sadly.  Like his heart is broken.  Then my heart breaks a little too.  So now that my carpet is somewhat white again, we just go outside, even though it rains.

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