My big sister’s bed

5 December 2015


He loves his big sister’s bed.  When I say its sleep time, he speeds off to be in her bed first.  I think he hope if he is there first he get to sleep in it.  I normally read him a story in her bed while Hannah still plays, and then put him in the cot before I read more stories for Hannah.  But today, Hannah was so tired, so she fell asleep before him, and he crawled in and lied there for a very long time.  Very still.  Just when he believed he was going to sleep there, I come in and scoop him up ready for his own big cot. Maybe one day we get a bigger bed for Hannah and he can sleep with her.



28 November 2015

There is a bit of a gap in my blog.  We were so busy the week after our trip, that we did not take any photos.  But this weekend, out Brisbane friends came to visit us for the weekend, and we had so much fun.  Hannah and Lucy just started to play as if they have seen each other last week.  They were surprisingly well behaved, with minimal fighting, which is  a bonus.  The first night, Lucy slept in Hannah’s room.  That turned out to be a bit of a disaster.  Hannah had a nightmare and screamed the house down and that scared the living daylight out of Lucy, so she cried too.  The weather was a bit bad, but we managed to do a bit of things2015-12-04_01172015-12-04_01192015-12-04_0118

Water at Soldiers Point

23 November 2015

The last night of our trip to Port Stephens.  It is just a short stroll to the beach and this lovely location.  It was hot and the water was warm.  I was in awe with how Janine took photos of her little girl.  She is like a real model, going where her mom tells her to go.  With my two, I just observe and let them play and do what ever they feel like doing at that moment.  And then I capture them.  It does not always work, but it works for me.  I don’t think I have the patience to make them do things I want them to do to take a photo.  And I can’t really blame them, as my camera is part of my face to them.  They just ignore it.


Nelson Bay

This morning we decided to walk to a sand bank on the other side of the beach.  It was very sunny and very hot, but some cloud eventually moved in.  The kids were very tired and they were not aloud to play with each other, as a catfight broke out every 2 seconds, so they are all playing their own game, and I just sat back and enjoy photographing them all 🙂


A Lake near Forster NSW

It was such a hot day, so we decided to drive to Forster and spent the day at a Lake near Forster.  It is at Camp Elm, and we have been there before.  This time it looked so much different.  When we were last there, it was all foggy and calm.  This time it was hot and the sunset was great.  The kids loved splashing in the water which was hot from the warm son.

The kids were a bit annoyed with each other and it was a hard day to be out in the son and heat all day.  They were already tired, so they were really sensitive to everything remotely annoying.  We got through it.  The day end up really well and everyone had a big sleep on the way home.