Trial Beach | South West Rocks

Today we discovered Trial Beach.  There is a big sand bank in the water, and you can walk in forever.  Hannah, of cause loved the water and she was really upset with me that we did not bring her swim suit.  The pretty one.  Bradley spotted a kangaroo hopping and he was overly excited and was jumping up and down ever since.  I took them to Arakoon nature reserve, where the kangaroos always hang out.  They were just standing there looking at us, hopping around like they are on a relaxing holiday.  Bradley wanted to chase them, but I got a bit scared.  The biggest kangaroo, I have ever seen, came jumping towards us.  We got into the car, and all the kangaroos surrounded us, blocking the car in.  It was really nice to see, and the kids were amazed.  I spotted a nice beach there, which will be our next outing.

Kids grow up to fast.  Bradley do everything Hannah does.  When she get up from a rock, he ran to sit on it.  It is somewhat exhausting to watch 🙂

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